Hatha Yoga –
a benefit for body, mind and soul

Hatha Yoga in the Yogacenter Marbella

We teach traditional Hatha Yoga in our Yogacenter Marbella. The yoga exercises (asanas) in their rounded-off sequence have a harmonizing influence on our physical health. In our yoga classes, the exercises are taught in conjunction with guided breathing (pranayama). In combination with a calm respiratory flow, this prana breathing brings us calmness and balance and has a profound effect on our health and well-being. The yoga class starts with a deep relaxation exercise, which alone is stress-relieving and revitalizing.
The Hatha Yoga we teach is in the tradition of the Indian yoga master Swami Dev Murti, who brought Yoga to the West in the 60s. Not only did he teach Hatha Yoga in his yoga centers, especially in Germany, for many years, but he also trained yoga teachers.

Our yoga classes

You can join our yoga classes at any time. The exercises are equally suitable for beginners and advanced students; the yoga teacher will deal with abilities and limits of the each student individually.

Our yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers have completed a two-years in-depth training as a Holosophic Yoga Teacher according to Aoananda. Training as a Holosophic Yoga Teacher includes learning Hatha Yoga theory and practice and holding yoga classes. Students also study various disciplines extensively so that each student can learn to become a holistically informed, responsible and attentive teacher. We place special emphasis on studying the philosophy of yoga and its spiritual background.
The apprenticeship is completed with teaching exams and a thesis, and certified with a diploma.
Even after graduation, the yoga teachers of our yoga center use the opportunity of continuing education.

Yoga classes

Wednesdays: 9 to 10 p.m.
Sundays: 11 to 12 a.m.

We recommend that you wear comfortable cotton clothes, preferably white, and socks. If possible, the clothing should only be worn in the practice sessions.

If possible, please do not eat a larger meal less than two hours before the yoga classes. Please bring a larger towel or yoga mat for the yoga class. Unless otherwise advertised, our adult and adolescent courses are not for those under 14 years of age.

We ask you not to bring cell phones or drinks with you into the classroom.

Note: Participation in the courses does not entitle one to practice teaching in these disciplines. Furthermore, students need to be aware that their health is their own responsibility. In case of doubt, please clarify any issues with your attending physician before beginning the course.