“The more you can let go, the more you free yourself of fear. The more you free yourself of fear, the more you can let go.”

Chen Man-ch’ing

TaiChiChuan courses in the Yogacenter Marbella

The TaiChi form in the tradition of the Yang style

The TaiChi form we teach is based on the short form that Grand Master William C. C. Chen developed in the tradition of the Yang style of Prof. Chen Man-ch’ing. This form consists of 60 movement sequences.

By practicing the fluid energetic movements in TaiChi, we awaken the primal forces of chi, the universal life force. This inner energy can be brought into flux through mental concentration, deep breathing, relaxation, and the dynamics of sinking and rising.

For this reason, releasing or relaxing is one of the first and most important principles of TaiChi. But relaxation is not synonymous with slackness. On the contrary, we learn to relax like a cat relaxes, full of vitality, life energy and alertness.

TaiChi is about relinquishing all tension through patient practice to remove blockages and open up the myriad energy channels in our bodies for the chi flow. By stimulating this chi flow, we can achieve physical and spiritual health.

Grand Master William C. C. Chen

has given several courses in our Yogacenter Marbella, where he has taught the short form but also the sword form, as well as the applications and the basics of push hands.

Our instructor

Andreas Bülow has participated in many of these courses over the past years, has practiced TaiChi for decades and continues to grow. He is also a certified Holosophic yoga teacher and also teaches yoga in our Yogacenter Marbella.

TaiChiChuan courses

Mondays: 9 to 10 p.m.

We recommend that you wear comfortable cotton clothes, preferably white, and socks. If possible, the clothing should only be worn in the practice sessions.
We ask you not to bring cell phones or drinks with you into the classroom.

Notes: Participation in the courses does not entitle you to practice teaching in these disciplines. Furthermore, students need to be aware that their health is their own responsibility. In case of doubt, please clarify any issues with your attending physician before beginning the course.